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Uruguay is attractive to tourists because of its unique climate. When it is winter in North America, it is summer with an average temperature of 73°F in Uruguay. Thanks to this, as well as historical sights and beautiful nature with pretty beaches, extended fields, and picturesque forests, a lot of tourists visit this interesting country.

But this is not the full list of what Uruguay can boast of. The greatest pride of this country is local women. Do you know much about Uruguayan girls? If you don’t, check out our guide and find out what these ladies are like, whether one of them is a good match for a foreigner, and what peculiarities to keep in mind while dating Uruguayan women.

3 Features of Uruguayan Women That Make Them Irresistible

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They Have Stunning Bodies

Uruguayan women can boast of the striking combination of thin waists, large breasts, and sexy round buttocks. Thanks to these features, Uruguayan girls look extremely seductive and conquer men’s hearts with ease.

Moreover, they emphasize their advantages with the help of the right clothes. To show their thin waists, they often wear tight blouses or crop tops. And to draw attention to their large seductive buttocks, they often wear tight leggings.

They Are Naturally Beautiful

Using an abundance of cosmetics or wearing massive colorful accessories is not typical for Uruguayan women. They prefer naturality and the casual style, which makes them even more adorable.

Men who prefer natural girls to those who misuse makeup or choose too bright outfits are fond of Uruguayan ladies because they are not shy of their innate appearance and don’t try to improve it artificially. If you are one of those guys who want to see the original natural look of a girl right from the first meeting, an Uruguayan lady would be a perfect match for you.

They Are Full of Optimism

A positive outlook on life is an integral part of the Uruguayan mentality. Women from this country are energetic, vigorous, and have a good sense of humor. They emit positive vibes and charge the others with their optimistic energy. This makes Uruguayan women extremely pleasant to deal with.

Dating an Uruguayan girl can be a great cure for a bad mood. A man who is tired of life’s difficulties and the negativity that surrounds him can forget about all the bad stuff when he spends his leisure time together with a positive and energetic Uruguayan girlfriend.

3 Reasons Why Foreigners Marry Uruguayan Women

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Uruguayan Wives Are Young

It is not typical for women from this country to delay marriage until their thirties. Most of the local girls start looking for their life partners right after turning 18 and tie the knot with their boyfriends at 20-26 years old. Therefore, Uruguayan girls are attractive to foreigners who are looking for young wives.

Uruguayan Women Are Exciting Housewives

It is customary in this country that children help their parents with household chores. Therefore, Uruguayan girls are very skillful at housekeeping at the age they are ready to start a family.

Uruguayan women are good at cleaning and always keep everything in their homes in order. Also, they are nice cooks. Uruguayan wives can treat their husbands to the traditional dishes of their native cuisine, such as:

  • tallarines — a dish like spaghetti;
  • meat pies, which are very widespread in Uruguay families;
  • asado — grilled beef;
  • milanesa — a breaded beef or chicken chop.

Moreover, many of them know how to cook the dishes of West-European cuisine.

Uruguayan Wives Are Active And Vigorous

Women from this country are full of vital energy, so they never become obsessed with housekeeping only. They keep leading an active social life and having a lot of hobbies after tying the knot. They like dining out and having picnics with distant relatives and friends.

What Do Uruguayan Women Consider While Choosing Their Life Partners?

Ladies from this country are family-oriented, and their target is dating seriously. Therefore, each of them is looking for a man who is appropriate for married life:

  • Responsible. The Uruguayans believe that a man must be the head of a family. So, he must be responsible and decisive to be capable of coping with this role.
  • With a stable income. In Uruguay, it is considered that a woman is responsible for housekeeping while a man’s main duty is to earn money for his family. Therefore, he must have a good job with a stable salary to be able to supply his wife and kids with everything necessary.
  • Who loves children. The Uruguayans consider a family without kids not to be full-value. Therefore, every Uruguayan lady makes sure that a man wants to have children in the future before deciding that he is a good match for her.

Other parameters mean little to Uruguayan women. For example, they often don’t pay attention to the age of their suitors, and the age gap doesn’t scare them off. On the contrary, a mature man is considered more responsible and family-oriented than a young guy.

Where to Meet Uruguayan Women in Uruguay?

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Visiting Uruguay as a tourist is a great idea. One of the following cities are the best to choose:

  • Montevideo — the capital of Uruguay and the most populated city in the country (with more than a million inhabitants).
  • Salto — the second most populated city in the country (about 100 thousand inhabitants), which is located on the bank of the Uruguay River.
  • Punta del Este — a popular resort city at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

But to combine sightseeing and having a rest with meeting girls, you should know where local young ladies gather. Here is the compilation of the most popular places, where Uruguayan women are used to spending their leisure time.

At the Beach

Uruguay is surrounded by water: the Atlantic Ocean and 3 large rivers (Uruguay, Río de la Plata, and Cuareim). And swimming, sunbathing, and just dining out at the beach cafe or having a walk along the promenade are very popular leisure activities in this country.

Thus, you can meet a lot of beautiful Uruguayan girls at the seaside or riverside. The best beaches in different cities of Uruguay are:

  • In Montevideo: Playa De los Pocitos, Playa Ramirez, Playa Malvin.
  • In Salto: Playa Salto Chico.
  • Punta del Este: Playa Mansa, Playa Brava.

At the Concert

Vigorous and positive local women are fond of visiting music events. So, monitor them, and if there are some, don’t miss your chance to have fun and meet Uruguayan women there.

At Game Events

The Uruguayans are fond of bingo and card games. And local communities often organize events that let locals gather and play their favorite games. If you speak Spanish, you will surely not regret visiting one of these events because you will have a great time and meet a lot of pretty Uruguayan girls there.

At the Nightclub

As local women are full of vital energy, they are fond of parties. So, it is possible to meet Uruguayan girls at the following places where the admirers of active nightlife gather:

  • In Montevideo: Monroe, El Garage, Stereo Club.
  • In Salto: Vieja Bodega, La Bambola.
  • In Punta del Este: Moonlight Disco, Moby Dick.

Where to Meet Uruguayan Women Online?

Online dating is more efficient and time-saving. Thanks to modern technologies, you don’t have to go to a faraway country to find a foreign girlfriend there. All you need to do is to join a specialized online platform for international dating.

It is easy to meet Uruguayan girls on international dating sites because plenty of them are registering every day hoping to find their foreign husbands there. A lot of Uruguayan women consider foreign men to be more responsible and suitable for family life than local guys. Also, they believe that foreigners are more kind and polite, unlike locals who often abuse their wives.

4 Tips to Help You Succeed in Dating an Uruguayan Girl

  1. Show Your Serious Intentions

Uruguayan women need to understand the men’s intentions from the very beginning of their acquaintance not to waste time dating men whose goals are different from their ones. The most common aim of Uruguayan girls is a serious relationship that leads to marriage. So, if you honestly say that you have a similar goal, you will have a higher chance that a lady you like reciprocates you.

  1. Get Along with Her Family

A lot of Uruguayan women keep living together with their parents until getting married. That is why the opinions of their family have a great impact on Uruguayan women’s minds. And a man who doesn’t get along with his Uruguayan girlfriend’s family has no single chance of marrying her. Thus, you need to find a common language with your beloved woman’s parents by showing them that you are serious about their daughter, respecting them, and giving presents to them.

  1. Keep Her Interested And Entertained

Uruguayan women are very active and vigorous, so they can’t stand boredom. Thus, it is important to keep your beloved lady amused by visiting interesting places together, dining out, watching and discussing interesting movies, having exciting vacations together, etc.

  1. Show Your Financial Well-Being

A man is considered to be a breadwinner in Uruguayan culture. So, it is customary for a boyfriend to pay all the bills while courting a girlfriend. Offering to split the bill in a restaurant can be even taken as an insult. So, never do that.

Some other ways to show that you are ready to provide for the future family financially is to give presents to your girlfriend or support her financially if she asks you to.


May I Face a Language and Cultural Barrier While Dating Uruguayan Girls And How to Overcome Them?

A language barrier is quite possible as the official language in this country is Spanish. Portuguese and English are taught in many schools as foreign languages. But it is the common problem that an Uruguayan lady turns out to be not fluent enough in English to make a full-value conversation. If you are dating online, the best solution is to use professional translating services in the early stages of your relationship and to help the lady to improve her English until she is fluent in it.

Also, some cultural misunderstandings might be caused by the local peculiarities of body language. For example, the Western OK gesture (forming a circle with the thumb and index finger) is considered very rude in Uruguay. In this country, this is the analog of the Western gesture of showing the middle finger to someone. So, it is better to avoid the extra body language: if you don’t know what a certain gesture means in this country, do not risk using it.

How Do Uruguayan Women Share Household Chores with Their Husbands?

Traditionally, the Uruguayan wives are responsible for cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, ironing clothes, helping kids with their homework, and organizing the family’s leisure time. Meanwhile, husbands’ duties are earning money, weekly purchase of food, taking out the trash, and family car maintenance.

Children are also engaged in housekeeping. They are usually entrusted with rather easy things like watering plants, washing the dishes, and taking care of pets if there are some. Teenage daughters are engaged in more complicated housework like helping their mothers to cook or do the cleaning.

How Many Kids Do Uruguayan Women Usually Have?

Unlike many other South American countries, large families are not very popular in Uruguay. The majority of women of this nationality prefer having 1-2 kids.