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In a faraway South American country called an โ€œisland on landโ€, stunning women live waiting to delight you with unearthly beauty and disarming charm. Find out everything you wanted about the girls of Paraguay โ€“ and you will understand why these women are unique.

What Are Paraguayan Women Like?

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Women of Paraguay are delighted with guests and show their best qualities from the first seconds of communication. After all, the Paraguayans have plenty of them.

Variety in appearance and attractiveness

The population of Paraguay is made up of descendants of different peoples, mainly Spaniards and the Guaranรญ Indians. This led to a difference in appearance among women in the same country. Thus, in Paraguay, you can find both mestizo and lighter-skinned girls. However, they are united by their elusive beauty and charm โ€“ the inhabitants of Paraguay are considered very attractive. Their hair and eyes are dark, and their smile is radiant. Paraguayan women take care of their skin so carefully that even the scorching sun does not spoil it.

They are hospitable

Foreigners are not often seen in Paraguay, so local women welcome any guest. Paraguayans will be happy to tell you where to stay, what to see in the country, and many will even invite you to their homes โ€“ for a large family dinner table, where all generations gather. If you have such a case โ€“ do not refuse so as not to offend the sincerity of a local woman.

They are never sad

It is hard to live in Paraguay, but residents are visibly cheerful and always find a reason to be in a good mood. For example, it could be the smile of a stranger, morning gatherings with a friend, or dinner with the family. One way or another, Paraguayan women have learned to enjoy even the smallest things.

They love sports and lead a healthy lifestyle

Women in Paraguay are well-known for their sporting achievements, not only in the international arena. In everyday life, many Paraguayans are also not alien to sports. They lead a healthy lifestyle and try to do different physical exercises to be in good shape. Therefore, almost every woman in this country has an ideal figure.

Do Paraguayan Women Make Good Wives?

Family is the center of Paraguayan culture. Women in this country tend to follow traditional models of family behavior: the husband is the breadwinner, and the wife takes care of the house and children.

Women strive to be ideal wives โ€“ to cook delicious food and be a cozy haven for her husband, where he can rest with pleasure at the end of the working day. Paraguayan women are not as jealous and expressive as many Latinos and southerners, so they know how to restrain themselves and resolve conflicts in a peaceful and friendly manner.

Usually, Paraguayans dream of large families. All their children receive an equal amount of love and care โ€“ regardless of age, sex, and features of character.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

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Strong-willed and self-confident men who can take care of their women attract open-minded and gullible Paraguayans. For such a man, his woman is in the first place, and he will do everything to make her feel comfortable and safe.

For her darling, the interests of the family should be in the first place. At the beginning of a relationship, she will look at what kind of relationship you have with your relatives โ€“ on this, in her opinion; the climate in his new family depends.

In addition, women in Paraguay are generally not well-off financially. Your desire to help her in this matter will also play into the hands of your relationship.

Where to Meet Paraguayan Women in Paraguay?

As mentioned above, Paraguayan girls are more than loyal to foreigners. Therefore, getting to know them on the street will not be difficult. Let us look at where the inhabitants of the country like to spend their leisure time.

In botanical gardens and parks

The country is rich in beautiful parks, forests, and other locations where you can enjoy the wildlife to your fullest. In addition, there you can enjoy plenty of contemplation of beautiful local women. One has only to talk to one of them โ€“ and your walk will take on a new meaning.

The most beautiful parks and nature sights in Paraguay: Ibikui National Park, Jardin Botanico y Zoologico de Asunciรณn, Salto Suizo, Cerro Cora National Park, Parque Aventura Monday

On the beach

Paraguay has no access to the sea or the ocean, but this does not mean that there are no beaches in the country. You can spend time on the shores of vast lakes and rivers, where nature will impress you with its beauty. In addition, residents often like to relax on the beaches near water bodies.

The most famous beaches in Paraguay: San Jose Beach, Playa De Aregua, Playa Tacuary, Juan de Ayolas

At festivals

The golden rule: if you want to meet a southerner or a Latino woman, go to the festival. Paraguay is no exception and is replete with all kinds of entertainment dedicated to a particular holiday. Please donโ€™t hesitate to go to a festival or carnival, and no doubt, you will find new acquaintances there.

The most famous festivals in Paraguay: Dia de San Blas, Carnival, Verbana de San Juan, Trans-Chaco Rally, Nanduti Festival, Oktober Fest

Where to Meet Paraguayan Women Online?

Progress does not stand still and allows you to master new, more effective methods of dating and even developing relationships. Online services can significantly expand the boundaries of what you can see. Of course, you can meet a girl you like on the streets of Paraguay.

However, it is much better to sit in a comfortable chair in a cool room and look through numerous profiles. In this way you can find someone you like not only externally โ€“ after all, in the girlโ€™s profile you can find out her interests and goals. 

How to Date a Paraguayan Girl: 5 Tips

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The girls of Paraguay are very loyal. They will forgive you if you do not consider some cultural characteristics of the people out of ignorance. However, there is something that Paraguayans have a weakness for โ€“ and knowing this, you can achieve her maximum favor.

Go to football together

The country is famed for its love of football, and local girls do not miss the opportunity to cheer for their team. If you organize a joint trip to the match and support the team of her country โ€“ you will certainly please her.

Go to nightclubs, discos

Girls in Paraguay love to have fun, dance and will be pleased to go with you to a nightclub or to a private party. Paraguayans usually have many friends who will be happy to welcome you into their warm, noisy company.

Travel with her

Women in Paraguay are not used to traveling due to the unstable financial situation and difficulties in transport links. Correct this situation and show your chosen one the world โ€“ she will be grateful to you.

Please have no hesitation to show your feelings in public

Girls in Paraguay can hardly be called secretive. They are accustomed to sincerity and immediate public expression of their feelings. If you feel embarrassed about hugging and kissing her in public, she may decide that she is not that interesting to you. Admire her openly, hold hands, touch more often during a conversation or a walk โ€“ this is what a girl from Paraguay needs.

Be kind and polite not only to her but to others

If you fall in love with a Paraguayan woman, do not ignore the people around you. It is essential for your sweetheart to see how you treat the people around you โ€“ this is an indicator of whether you can be trusted. Be extremely polite, welcoming, and friendly. She is the best for you, but love manifests itself in loving the whole world, and not just one person.


Are there traditions, the violation of which could offend a resident of Paraguay?

Residents of Paraguay are very tolerant. They will react with understanding if you unknowingly violate any cultural norms accepted in this society. At the beginning of a relationship, you can find out the main points of behavior from your girlfriend โ€“ she will be happy to tell you about what is customary in her country.

How exotic is the cuisine in Paraguay?

Women in Paraguay love to cook national cuisine that will suit everyoneโ€™s taste. For example, specially prepared beef, and chicken soup with corn tortillas, and corn grain bread, and much more. Paraguayansโ€™ favorite drink is tererรฉ. This is a kind of tea made from dried ground leaves and young branches of Paraguayan holly in cold water with ice.

How to impress the parents of a Paraguayan girl?

At the very beginning of the relationship, your girlfriend will most likely invite you to her place  โ€“ and you can get to know her parents, as well as brothers, sisters, and even godparents. There is nothing wrong with that because the Paraguayans are incredibly welcoming and adore guests. Be open, friendly, compliment more often โ€“ and you will definitely win the love of her relatives.