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Venezuela is a South American country that is often getting a bad rep in the media. Everyone talks about the criminal situation and the corrupt government of Venezuela, but not a lot of people talk about the ethereal beauty and irresistible charm of Venezuelan women. Today we want to correct that with our guide to dating a Venezuelan girl and whether you should consider it at all.

What Are Venezuelan Women Like?

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When you are dating a Venezuelan woman, you will notice that every day she unlocks a new side of her personality for you. However, before that can happen, you need to know why Venezuelan women are as popular among foreign men as they currently are. Here are the best things about a Venezuelan lady.

They are drop-dead gorgeous

Venezuela has 23 victories in the most prestigious international beauty pageants, more than any other country in history. This alone should give you a clear idea that Venezuelan girls are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. They are tall and lean, but their stunning curves instantly make it obvious that these women are true Latinas. The facial features of Venezuelan girls are nothing short of flawless, their skin has a lovely milk chocolate tone, and their luscious mane of hair is the most perfect frame for their faces.

They are completely sincere and natural

When you meet enough Venezuelan women, the feature that stands out to you the most will probably be their sincerity. These women wear their hearts on their sleeves. They find it completely impossible to conceal their emotions and feelings even if they are not really trying to. Dating a Venezuelan girl is exciting, but it’s also one of the easiest things in the world, as your partner will always tell you everything like it is and initiate open discussions about any subject.

They make you feel valued

Venezuelan women are not the biggest fans of the feminism and equality movements of the West. They believe that the man is the stronger, more dependable party and that he is the one to make decisions and solve problems. From the early stages of your relationship, your Venezuelan woman will give you a lot of power and will cherish your presence. All it takes now is to never break her trust and prove yourself as the decent man she thinks you are.

They have a fabulous lifestyle

Being with a Venezuelan lady will feel completely new to you even if you’ve had your share of relationships in the past. These women love life and know how to enjoy it. You will hardly ever catch your Venezuelan woman in front of the TV or doing something equally lazy. When a Venezuelan girl is not at work or attending to her family, she will always enjoy life to the fullest. Whether it’s a dance party or a quiet get-together with friends, the lifestyle of your Venezuelan woman will soon become your own too.

Do Venezuelan Women Make Good Wives?

Venezuelan women would have never gotten so popular if they were fantastic to date but unsuitable for marriage. Venezuelan ladies change a lot when they get married. They become more serious, more resourceful, and their famously flirty behavior is now reserved only for their rightful husband.

Another reason to choose a Venezuelan wife is her incredible cooking proficiency. No matter how much or how little you have in your fridge, you can always count on your Venezuelan wife to whip up the most delicious and hearty meal for the whole family. And finally, Venezuelan wives are amazing as mothers. They don’t just know the theory of raising happy and healthy children, but they also have a lot of natural warmth, which is exactly what kids need.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

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Unlike many Western women, Venezuelan girls do not approach potential partners with a long list of desired qualities. First and foremost, they want to feel a genuine connection that goes beyond a simple sexual attraction. At the same time, there are a couple of traits Venezuelan ladies want to see in their boyfriends and husbands. Here are three of those traits.

  • Predictable. Venezuelan women are famously spontaneous. They often act on a whim, which doesn’t always work to their advantage. That is why they want a partner who approaches his decisions with a lot of care and can balance out the unpredictability of his woman.
  • Ambitious. One of the reasons why Venezuelan ladies are interested in foreign men is that they find local guys to be somewhat lazy and unwilling or unable to provide for the family. Venezuelan women want to live a comfortable life with their husbands and children, which is why a man needs to be ambitious and know how to make money.
  • Mature. A Venezuelan lady wants someone to have fun with from time to time, but she also wants someone who will become her beacon of support and calm. In other words, Venezuelan girls like mature men. Obviously, maturity is not just about the age, but if the man is slightly older, it’s preferable to Venezuelan women.

Where to Meet Venezuelan Women in Venezuela?

If you not only enjoy the beauty and charm of Venezuelan girls, but also are drawn to Venezuela as a country, the best solution for you is to pair those things and book a trip to Venezuela. We have no doubt that you will have the time of your life exploring Venezuela, but if you also want to meet the most eligible Venezuelan singles, here are the top spots for you to check out.


Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and the most popular location for tourists. Local women have a lot of experience with foreigners, so you will be able to seamlessly blend into the society and go wherever you want. There is a chance you will meet someone right in the streets and parks of Caracas, but we also recommend visiting the San Pietro, Maute Grill, and Pizza Caracas restaurants and the Edificio Volta, LeClub, and Discoteca Marbella nightclubs.


Barquisimeto is not the biggest city in Venezuela, but it’s one of the most interesting ones from a cultural standpoint. A vacation in Barquisimeto will give you some fantastic memories, especially if you meet a lot of local girls. If that is your number one goal, put the Mi Vagon, La Piccola Trattoria, and Caffe 90 restaurants and the La Perla, Atletico America, and Contertulio night clubs on your must-visit list.


Valencia is virtually unknown among foreign tourists. There aren’t a lot of attractions in this city, but it has a big advantage that will more than make up for its industrial vibe. Women in Valencia are not only gorgeous, but also very interested in dating foreign guys. You have the biggest chance of meeting Venezuelan singles in Valencia in Marchica, Pastas Nenetta, Ootoya Noodle & Sushi Bar restaurants, as well as the 4 Avenue, Zouk Club, and Punta Brava night clubs.

Where to Meet Venezuelan Women Online?

The internet is as common in Venezuela as in other parts of the world, especially in big cities. When a Venezuelan girl is not happy with the potential boyfriends and husbands in her own city or country, she resorts to the internet to find her ideal partner. However, you will not find a lot of Venezuelan singles on the dating sites and apps you normally use.

Venezuelan women want to maximize their chances of finding a reliable and caring foreign man to date or marry. That is why they use special international dating services. Those services are not for local dating. They are created for Western guys who want to meet Venezuelan singles in a safe and convenient environment. International dating is getting more and more popular among the women in Venezuela and there are thousands of fabulous girls to meet online right now.

How to Date a Venezuelan Girl: 7 Tips

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Whether you have marriage on your mind or simply want to spend a few fun weeks or months with a Venezuelan girl, you should definitely prepare yourself for dating a Venezuelan woman. These 7 tips will help you build the most successful relationship that will allow you both to meet your goals.

  • Be confident but respectful. You don’t need to be a dating expert to see that Venezuelan ladies are very confident and they want an equally confident man by their side. However, a Venezuelan woman can be quickly turned off if she witnesses your rude behavior, even if it’s directed towards people other than herself.
  • Changes to your lifestyle are a must. As a Western man with a career and a busy life, you can probably call yourself a couch potato. This is not what Venezuelan girls are all about. They have an active lifestyle and they want someone to share that lifestyle with, not stay at home 24/7.
  • Don’t expect her to always be on time. You may pride yourself on getting everywhere on time, but you might need to adjust your expectations when dating a Venezuelan girl. These women try their best, but they never seem to actually be anywhere on time, probably because they take a while to get ready and look perfect for you.
  • You can’t go wrong with flowers and small gifts. You will probably shower your Venezuelan girlfriend with compliments and declarations of love, but more material things matter as well. Small tokens of your attention, such as flowers and cute gifts, are very important to a Venezuelan woman and she will cherish them forever.
  • Spend time with her friends. Friendship is an integral part of the life of a Venezuelan woman. She values her friends as much as her family and she will want you to get to know them as well. Plus, getting close to her social circle will allow you to learn more about who she really is and what she wants in life.
  • Remember special dates. In Venezuelan dating culture, anniversaries are very important and your woman will definitely want to celebrate every little anniversary since your first date, first kiss, and so on. You need to remember those dates as well and surprise your lady with something nice on a special day.
  • Don’t be stingy with money. Venezuelan women are not the kind of girls who will reach for their wallet when it’s time to pay for dinner, and you probably expect that. However, Venezuelan girls also can’t stand when men are being fussy about money in other situations. For example, when you haggle with a flower seller, your woman is not going to be happy about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Venezuelan women date a lot before marriage?

The situation with Venezuelan women is not that different compared to other women in the world. The younger and more modern the lady is, the less likely she is to marry her first-ever boyfriend. However, it also doesn’t mean that Venezuelan women are promiscuous or want to date as many guys as possible. They simply want to make the right choice of a life partner, and sometimes that involves breaking up with the ones who don’t fit the description.

Is there a language barrier problem with Venezuelan girls?

English is not the official language in Venezuela and the country’s population predominantly speaks Spanish. However, English is widely taught in schools. So there is a good chance that your Venezuelan lady will know enough English to get to know each other, and as your relationship progresses, her English will become even better.

Do Venezuelan women want to be stay-at-home wives?

There are many Venezuelan girls who want a good career and their own income, but most women in Venezuelan are happy either way. When they have a family and a man who is ready to support them and their children, a Venezuelan woman is completely fine with being a housewife. That way, she can pay full attention to her loved ones and take care of the house.