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Mexico is one of the most familiar and most exotic countries in the world for American men. It has lots of reasons for you to fall in love with it, but one aspect of Mexico probably catches your attention the most. We are talking about the fabulous Mexican girls, and here is what you need to know about dating Mexican women.

What Are Mexican Women Like?

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If you’ve never met any Mexican women in your life, you should know that they have quite a lot in common with the women from your own country. However, they also have a few unique qualities that make them stand out on the international dating scene. Here are those qualities.

They look absolutely striking

You need just one glance at a Mexican girl to realize she’s one of the most beautiful creatures you’ve ever met. Mexican women look striking and they don’t need to do anything extraordinary to make themselves more beautiful. Mexican girls have dark wavy hair, olive skin, captivating eyes, and plump, bright lips. Mexican women are not tall or skinny, but their curvy figures are guaranteed to mesmerize you from the first sight.

They are resilient and confident

Mexican women have more confidence and determination than most of the women you’ve met before. We don’t know if it’s a genetic feature or a product of their upbringing, but Mexican women rightfully believe they can do anything they want and overcome any challenge. Mexican women take the same approach to personal life and when they are interested in someone, they won’t rest until they get together with that person.

They want to be protected

Despite all of their confident and strong facade, Mexican girls want to be with powerful, protective men. They want to feel like real women who don’t have to fight for survival. When you surround a Mexican woman with attention, care, and protection, you can rest assured she will see you with a different pair of eyes and will seriously consider you as her one and only soulmate.

They are full of passion

Passion and romance are as important in the life of a Mexican woman as food, shelter, and other basic necessities. Mexican ladies cannot function without some romance in their lives and they will impress even an experienced man with the amount of passion they can give. A relationship with a Mexican woman will never fizzle out and your Mexican lady will take care of the romantic component in your couple.

They are open about everything

One of the less obvious but still important things to know about Mexican women is that they absolutely cannot conceal their true feelings and emotions. They share everything with their partners, so every day with your Mexican lady will be unlike the previous one. Mexican women love honest discussions about the positive and negative things in a relationship and there will never be any secrets between the two of you.

Do Mexican Women Make Good Wives?

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Mexican girls would have never gotten as popular as they are right now with men if it wasn’t for their amazing marital qualities in addition to their girly charm. You can’t go wrong with a Mexican wife if your goal is utter happiness, and here are three reasons for it:

  • They will impress you with their kitchen talents. Mexican women are naturally talented cooks who are proficient in native cuisine and international cooking trends. They don’t just view cooking as a chore — they actively enjoy it.
  • They cannot imagine family without kids. Modern Mexican girls don’t rush to have children, but it’s always on their mind once they find a suitable partner. A Mexican woman will be happy to have as many kids as possible and they will be always taken care of.
  • They value their partners. Mexican women understand that a good, trustworthy, loyal partner is not that easy to find. Once they meet someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with, they make sure not to lose him along the way.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

With millions of single men living in Mexico, you’d think that Mexican ladies have enough men to date and marry in their home country. However, Mexican women are getting more and more interested in foreign men. There are three qualities that they see in Western guys and don’t see in local men:

  • Reliability. Mexican women want to know that their partner has their back and will be there for them through the good and the bad. They don’t want someone who will disappear at the first sight of trouble.
  • Family values. Mexican girls can seem like the most ambitious, fun-loving women, but deep down, they want to settle down and have a happy little family of their own. Men with strong family values are instantly attractive to Mexican ladies.
  • Respect for women. In order to charm a Mexican woman, you need to see her as your equal and strive to build a relationship of two equals. Men who underestimate their partners and are rude to them will never win over a Mexican woman.

Where to Meet Mexican Women in Mexico?

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If you want to meet beautiful Mexican women in their natural habitat and experience the unforgettable Mexican views, culture, architecture, and cuisine. You will definitely enjoy seeing every corner of Mexico, but these three cities will give you the best combination of travel experiences and Mexican singles.

Mexico City

We cannot even begin to list the attraction of Mexico City, Mexico’s capital with a population of almost 9 million. There are plenty of local girls to meet, but Mexico City also attracts women from all over the country who are looking for better opportunities. To increase your chances of success, check out the Patric Miller, Love Polanco, and Presley Club night clubs. If you’re a foodie, then the Arroyo, Culichi Fish, and Lardo restaurants are the places for you to visit.


Walking around the streets of Guadalajara is an amazing experience for two reasons: the magnificent local architecture and the fabulous female population. Female Guadalajara locals are very interested to meet foreign guys, so you can easily chat them up while sightseeing. Additionally, you can check out the La Chata, Suehiro, and La Fonda de la Noche restaurants or the Strana Guadalajara, Bar Americas, and Cesar’s Club night clubs that are popular with Mexican singles.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a popular vacation spot in Mexico. It’s located right next to Cancun, but it’s not as expensive or fancy, which is why it’s beloved by Mexican girls looking to have fun. Plus, there are many local hospitality workers you can meet on the beach, at the Palazzo, Mandala, and La Vaquita night clubs or the Zitla, La Vagabunda, and Chiltepin Marisquillos restaurants.

Where to Meet Mexican Women Online?

If you think that Mexican women don’t have constant access to the internet, your idea about Mexico is very outdated. Modern Mexican girls use the internet for all kinds of purposes, including searching for foreign partners to date or marry. However, they don’t do it on Tinder or other popular dating apps and services.

Instead, they use special international dating sites. On those sites, you won’t find women from your own city or country. They are targeted specifically at foreign women — in this case, Mexican girls — who want to meet foreign guys for serious relationships and marriage. The women you meet there are beautiful, loyal, and absolutely real, and the best thing about them is that you don’t even need to go anywhere to meet them.

How to Date a Mexican Girl: 7 Tips

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Mexican women may be the closest foreign girls to you geographically, but Mexican culture and the dating environment can be very different from anything you’ve experienced before. Here are the 7 tips that will help you go from the first acquaintance to a strong, loving relationship with a Mexican woman.

  • Make her feel respected and secure. Mexican ladies can seem very confident and strong, which they definitely are. However, they also want someone to protect them, take care of them, and make them feel absolutely secure. In short, you need to become your Mexican woman’s source of confidence and protection.
  • Accept her subtle quirks. Mexican girls are unique and will surprise you with their quirks at every step of the way. For example, Mexican women are superstitious to their core, which is often shocking to foreigners. However, you should always remain patient and tolerant towards this unusual behavior and never mock her beliefs.
  • Know which topics to avoid. You can talk to Mexican women for hours and never get tired of it, but you should also know that there are some topics that can cause a rift between you and your Mexican date if you display opinions that are different from hers. Generally, anything concerning stereotypes and crime in Mexico is off-limits.
  • Consider her background and family. A woman from a big Mexican city will behave very differently from a woman that comes from a rural area or a small town. Those women don’t look the same, don’t date the same, and don’t have the same goals in life. You should always find out as much as possible about your date’s background and family.
  • Learn to enjoy the things she loves. At first, it may be difficult to find a lot of shared interests between you and your Mexican woman, but if you are serious about the relationship, it’s only a matter of time until you discover something you both enjoy. To make things easier, ask her to show you her favorite pastimes and pop culture.
  • Share your vision of the future. You can have the time of your life when dating a Mexican woman, but you both need to know that your relationship is going somewhere. There is no need to propose after the third date or move in together after the fifth, but you need to discuss your future and see that your relationship has a purpose.
  • Demonstrate your full commitment. Mexican women don’t have a lot of demands for their potential partner, but they definitely demand fidelity and commitment. When you are dating a Mexican woman, you should never ever mention your interest in other girls, let alone act on this interest; otherwise, your relationship will be irreparably broken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mexican women only interested in my money and citizenship?

Not at all! Mexican women are attracted to the whole concept of foreign men and how they are different from the men they can date in Mexico. Mexican ladies have plenty of ways of making money or moving to their dream country, so they don’t use men to get what they want in terms of personal advancement.

Do Mexican girls date a lot before settling down?

You will hardly ever find a Mexican woman in her twenties who doesn’t have any dating experience whatsoever. Mexican girls begin dating in their late teens to have fun and get some first-hand knowledge about romance and relationships. However, they are not interested in dating as many partners as possible and typically only have up to 3 exes before marriage.

Is it dangerous to travel to Mexico as a foreigner?

Contrary to popular stereotypes, most of the places in Mexico are absolutely safe for tourists. However, there are also places that should not be visited for safety reasons. Generally, if you book your trip to Mexico through a travel agent and don’t veer too far from your itinerary, you should be absolutely fine.