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Cuba and the United States have not had the most peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship for most of the 20th and 21st century, but lately, things have started to improve. Now, with more opportunities to date Cuban women than ever, there is no excuse for American guys to stay single any longer. Here is your go-to guide to dating Cuban women.

What Are Cuban Women Like?

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When you haven’t met a single Cuban woman in your life and have only heard a few common myths about them, the best way to get to know Cuban girls is to meet them in person. But while you are getting for your visit to Cuba, check out these facts about Cuban singles.

They are exotic goddesses

The appearance of Cuban girls is more exotic than the look of most of their Latin American counterparts, but that is exactly what makes them so special. Cuban women have beautiful facial features and bouncy, curly hair that looks fantastic in any situation. The milk chocolate skin tone of Cuban women makes them literally glow in the sun. Cuban girls have petite waists and gorgeous hips, and if you’re a fan of a feminine hourglass figure, there is no one else you’ll want to see by your side.

They are optimistic and hard-working

Life in Cuba has not always been easy, but those dire conditions have not broken the spirits of Cuban women. Instead, it made them work harder for a better future, appreciate what they have at the moment, and always hope for greater things in life. Cuban girls are both ambitious and realistic, which is a combination you definitely want to see in your ideal partner. They will inspire you to do better in every aspect of your life, and you haven’t experienced true joy and praise until you’ve been praised by a Cuban lady.

They don’t chase men

Cuban women don’t play hard to get, but they also know their self-worth. Unlike many foreign women who would do anything just to date or marry a foreigner, Cuban singles carry themselves with a lot of confidence and dignity. You won’t need to try too hard to charm a Cuban woman, but she also won’t lead you on if she’s not interested. However, when a Cuban lady is interested in someone, you can always tell how she’s feeling, and that’s why men should feel extra special when they are the target of a Cuban woman’s affection.

Do Cuban Women Make Good Wives?

There are some men who expect nothing more than a vacation romance from Cuban girls, but these women have a lot more to offer to their men. Cuban wives are a dream come true if you want your partner to be loyal and passionate. Here are the biggest advantages of having a Cuban wife:

  • Cuban wives are perfect with kids. They are ready to have children in their early twenties and they want to have at least two kids. Most Cuban girls know the basics of raising kids from their extended families, but they are also absolute naturals when it comes to children.
  • Cuban wives appreciate their partners. You will never find a Cuban woman who takes her partner or husband for granted. These women know that a good man is not that easy to find, so when they have someone they love and trust, they will use a variety of tricks to make him stick around.
  • Cuban wives know everything about hospitality. It’s impossible to imagine the home of a Cuban woman that is unkempt and doesn’t smell of delicious homemade food. Cuban women make perfect housewives and they know how to keep their home tidy and good-looking, as well as how to keep their family well-fed.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Many Cuban women are perfectly happy with the men they have in their home country. They find them charming and sexy. However, many Cuban men share a few drawbacks: they are sometimes lazy and unmotivated, lack the appreciation for their women, and want the woman to be responsible for everything in the household, from making money to picking up the kids from school.

Cuban girls rightfully believe that they deserve a better treatment. They don’t want to spend their lives working hard for a man who doesn’t appreciate it. This is what compels them to look for partners abroad. They see Western men as more mature, successful, and respectful than local guys and they can easily imagine themselves being married to one.

Where to Meet Cuban Women in Cuba?

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Cuba is a fascinating country and any tourist should feel lucky to witness Cuba in all of its glory. The Western world has not impacted Cuba too much, which is why it often feels like Cuba is still living in the 20th century. However, Cuban women are perfectly modern and open to meeting foreign guys. Here is where to go when you’re in Cuba to do it.


Havana is the capital of Cuba and the most populous city in the country. You won’t be able to get enough of its magnificent architecture and mysterious streets. Girls in Havana are welcoming to foreigners and will gladly chat you up even when they see you on the street. Additionally, the La Guardia, El Cocinero, and Mojito Mojito restaurants, as well as the Tropicana and Tikoa night clubs are great for meeting Cuban singles.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba has a small population compared to other major Latin American cities, but it’s nonetheless one of the best cities for single tourists. Women in Santiago de Cuba are not just beautiful and modern, but they also want to meet American men to see how the relationship goes. Santiago de Cuba has two popular bars, La Pachanga and Claqueta Bar, and several popular restaurants, including St. Pauli, Isla Bella, and Aurora, where you can meet charming local girls.


As the third most populous city in Cuba, Camagüey offers you enough opportunities to meet Cuban singles. It’s a landlocked city, so you can’t just look for girls on gorgeous Cuban beaches. Luckily, there are a few popular parks and landmarks to visit. You can also try the Restaurante 1800, La Isabella, and El Patio restaurants. For the fans of nightlife, the El Cambio and El Colonial bars offer the same combination of local hospitality and beautiful women to meet.

Where to Meet Cuban Women Online?

For decades, Cuba and Cuban women have been isolated from the rest of the world. Today they are actively using the internet and catching up on their connections. A Cuban woman who is not satisfied with the dating scene in her home country will go online to try and find a partner who matches her taste, so you can easily find Cuban singles on the internet.

However, your usual sources may not work in this situation. Cuban women are still relative strangers to Tinder and other modern dating apps. They are, however, big fans of international dating sites. Those sites have the highest number of Cuban singles online and no matter what you are looking for in women, you can quickly find just the right partner on these services.

How to Date a Cuban Girl: 7 Tips

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Dating Cuban women is both exciting and slightly nerve-wracking because you have no idea what to expect. The good news is that dating a Cuban girl feels pretty much like dating a woman from your own country, but these 7 tips will help you quickly take the relationship to the next level.

  • Be creative with your approach. Cuban women are as eager to meet you as you are excited to date them, but they also don’t react well to standard pickup lines and cheesy jokes. If you have the confidence to approach a Cuban girl, you also need to think of something creative and memorable to say to her.
  • Don’t jump straight into a relationship. Even when there is a mutual and undeniable attraction, it’s best to keep your relationship on a friendly stage for some time. It will give you both space to get to know each other better and to decide whether you really want to be together as a couple.
  • Men are always expected to pay. If you know anything about the economic situation in Cuba, you also know that most women in the country can barely afford necessities. They surely cannot treat you to dinner or drinks, and that is not how things are done in Cuba. You will need to pay for everything, but luckily, Cuba is pretty cheap for foreigners.
  • Don’t bring up controversial subjects. Your Cuban girl will be open to talking about nearly anything, but there are some subjects that are best to be avoided at least until you become closer. Generally, everything concerning politics and history of Cuba should be off-limits until the girl mentions it herself.
  • Meet the family while you’re there. Most Cuban families live together until the daughter gets married and moves out, so when you are in a relationship with a Cuban woman, you may get a chance to meet her family after just days or weeks of dating. Use this chance to completely charm them and make them root for you as a couple.
  • Give your woman some nice gifts. A Cuban girl will love you for who you are and will enjoy spending time with you in any setting, but Cuban women also enjoy tokens of men’s attention in the form of gifts. They don’t need to be fancy or expensive, but they need to be thoughtful and tailored to your woman’s tastes.
  • Don’t waste her time if you’re not serious. There is a small percentage of American men who arrive in Cuba for nothing but a meaningless fling. If you happen to be one of those men, at least have the courage to disclose your true intentions. Cuban women will appreciate your honesty and some may even agree to a relationship on your terms.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it difficult for Cuban women to move abroad?

Cuban women rarely leave their home country even for a short period of time, so you can imagine that saying goodbye to their home and the culture they grew up in will always be stressful. However, there is nothing a Cuban lady won’t do for the man she loves. As long as you support your woman and create a great life for her in your country, she won’t be too homesick.

How hard is it for a foreigner to visit Cuba?

If you’re from any other country in the world other than the United States, you should be absolutely fine. However, visiting Cuba as an American is more challenging. Officially, only a few categories of visitors are allowed into Cuba, and you probably don’t belong to either of them. Luckily, there are now numerous agencies in Cuba that will organize your trip and make it perfectly legal for you to visit Cuba.

Are Cuban women interested in nothing but my finances?

Many young Cuban women live in downright poverty and many of them survive on a few dozen dollars a month. However, this financial situation doesn’t make them want to depend on men. Instead, it makes them want to work harder and create a comfortable life for themselves and their future children. This doesn’t change even when a Cuban woman meets her potential husband.