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Guyana is a small South American country that is not often mentioned when Latin America is discussed. With a population of a little over 780,000 and not a lot of well-known facts or sights, it’s easy to overlook Guyana. However, this country is unique and definitely worth checking out. This is especially true when you are a single man looking for love. Here is why you should consider Guyanese women for a serious relationship or marriage.

What Are Guyanese Women Like?

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Any attempt to describe Guyanese singles with just one article will inevitably fail, but what we can do is give you some idea of what to expect when dating women in Guyana. Here are their most attractive qualities.

They look absolutely stunning

Guyanese girls are insanely beautiful and, even more importantly, they are completely natural in their beauty. A typical Guyanese lady has a deep skin tone and black, wavy hair that looks fabulous without any intricate styling. Guyanese girls are not particularly tall, but they are noticeably athletic. They have feminine figures, but you won’t see their best features immediately after meeting them. Guyanese women are modest when it comes to their personal style and prefer not to reveal too much to the public, saving it all for their significant other.

They have an enticing lifestyle

When you first begin dating a Guyanese girl, you will feel like you can hardly keep up with her lifestyle. Women of Guyana have a lot on their plate but they are definitely not complaining. A Guyanese woman is someone who works full-time, takes care of her family, works around the house, learns new skills, goes out with her friends, and has several hobbies. Guyanese ladies also love being physically active and generally know how to enjoy life, and they will inspire you to do the same.

They always hope for better things

Optimism is one of the key personality traits of women in Guyana. They don’t always have it easy, but they never allow temporary hardships to make them lose their hope. They know that a better life is just around the corner. But instead of waiting for the good things to happen, they are actively working to get closer to their goals. A Guyanese woman is ambitious and strong, but also cheerful and able to always lift your spirit.

They tell it like it is

When you begin dating a Guyanese girl, you may not be used to the level of honesty of these women. Guyanese ladies don’t see a point in concealing the truth, even when it’s a white lie. They rightfully believe that it’s better to tell the truth right now than to build up lies, which will always result in disappointment for both partners. So while it can take you some time to get used to the honesty of Guyanese women, you will always appreciate it in the end.

Do Guyanese Women Make Good Wives?

After being with a Guyanese woman for some time, you will inevitably begin considering marriage to her. Marrying a foreign woman and bringing her into your home country may be an unconventional move, but Guyanese wives have too many advantages for you to ignore. Most importantly, they are incredibly loyal and want to build a relationship based on mutual trust.

One more reason you will enjoy marriage to a Guyanese wife is that she’s not only ready to do all of the chores — she actually enjoys doing them and considers women to be the only ones capable of doing proper housework. Finally, if you are ready to start a family, a nurturing and wise Guyanese wife is the best person to do it with.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

A typical Guyanese woman is very polite and she doesn’t judge people by their appearance, so she will go out with you once or twice before getting to know you well. However, Guyanese ladies will only seriously date or marry someone who fits their idea of a suitable partner. Here are the three things they want to see in men the most:

  • Patience. Your Guyanese girl will almost certainly have a fiery character, and she needs to be with someone who can balance that out. You need to be patient and able to keep your cool in any situation.
  • Generosity. It’s very common for Guyanese women to quit work after getting married to spend more time with the kids and working around the house. That is why a Guyanese lady needs to know you are fine with supporting the family on your own.
  • Desire to have children. A family without kids will never seem complete to a Guyanese woman. She needs to make sure that you and she are on the same page in terms of having children and caring for them.

Where To Meet Guyanese Women In Guyana?

Guyana is one of the smallest Latin American countries and its overall population is only around 750,000. So if you are planning a visit to Guyana to meet local singles, there is no point for you to go to smaller Guyanese towns or villages because you will only meet a handful of women there.

The capital and the biggest city in Guyana is Georgetown. It’s a fantastic tourist attraction on its own with plenty of fascinating architecture and pieces of history to be admired at every step of the way. One of the hottest hangouts spots for Guyanese singles is the newly opened Georgetown Movietown mall that has lots of shops, eateries, and entertainment opportunities both for groups of friends and for couples. Other destinations in Georgetown include:

  • The Maharaja Palace, Starbuds, New Thriving, Oasis Cafe, and Wings & Things restaurants;
  • The Vintage Wine, Caribbean Beat, and Cornbread bars;
  • The Palm Court, Privilege, and Gravity Lounge night clubs.

Where To Meet Guyanese Women Online?

Your first impression of Guyana and its women may be that they are very outdated, but this is far from reality. Guyanese girls can be very modern when they want to. The majority of them are active internet users, so you can easily meet them not only by visiting Guyana as a tourist, but also by signing up for an international dating service.

International dating sites have a lot of advantages over the regular dating sites and apps you probably have on your phone. They are aimed at relationships between people from different countries, so you will find everything you need for effective communication that is always on-point.

How To Date A Guyanese Girl: 7 Tips

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A relationship with a Guyanese woman is probably what you want right now and you are ready to begin right away. However, if you’ve never dated a girl from Guyana before, this new relationship may take more of your dating skills than you think. Here are 7 tips to be successful when dating Guyanese women.

  • Explain your serious intentions. The situation where foreigners come into Guyana only to date a new and exotic girl for a couple of weeks and then forget about her altogether is more common than you think. If your goal is a serious, long-term relationship with the prospect of marriage, make sure to tell her about it from the start.
  • Put extra effort into planning the dates. A Guyanese lady will be happy to just sit with you at the beach or in a local park, but these women also love being impressed and wooed by men. So for every couple of casual dates, there should be one that will exceed her expectations.
  • Accept the fact that she won’t always be on time. Women from Guyana have a lot of strong suits, but punctuality is not one of them. This is actually true for most people in Guyana, where it seems like no one is ever in a rush. So while you should always be on time for the date, your girlfriend may have a different idea.
  • Impress her with your knowledge of her culture. Beautiful Guyanese women are sadly used to foreign men valuing them for their appearance and sex appeal but not paying too much attention to their personality and background. Using a few facts from her country’s culture is an easy way to impress her. 
  • Don’t mention other girls in her presence. We wouldn’t call Guyanese singles the most jealous women in the world or in Latin America, but you still don’t want to test their limits. A Guyanese woman wants to be the only girl on your periphery, so don’t try to change this situation.
  • Have a lot of fun together. You’ll have a lifetime together to do serious stuff and work on achieving your goals. When you are just beginning your romance, it’s important to keep the relationship fun and lighthearted. A lot of joking, dancing, local events, and doing the things you like are a great way to grow closer to each other than ever.
  • Meet her family and charm them. Family ties are an essential part of the life of a Guyanese woman. She will never do something to willingly upset her parents. So when they send her off to live in a foreign country forever, they at least need to know that she’s doing it with the right man by her side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Guyanese girls simply desperate to move abroad?

Not at all! Guyana may not be the wealthiest country on the planet, but it is doing fairly well at the moment and is rapidly developing. Ambitious and smart Guyanese women effortlessly find their footing in their home country and they are not obsessed with the idea of moving abroad. However, there is a percentage of Guyanese singles who definitely view it as an attractive possibility, and those are the women you typically meet online.

Are women in Guyana educated?

They definitely are! Close to 100% of Guyanese girls go to school, but their education does not stop there. When it comes to higher education there are twice as many female students in Guyana as there are male students. So when you meet Guyanese women, you can fully expect them to have a good level of education and a lot of knowledge about everything.

Does an average Guyanese lady know English?

The knowledge of English in Guyana is different from one age group to another and from one profession to another. You can encounter a language barrier when you are talking to the older generation of the Guyanese. Luckily, young Guyanese women, especially the ones working in high-demand industries such as hospitality and management, know English better than you expect.