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Colombia is one of the biggest and most famous countries in Latin America, but most Western men have never met any Colombian women and don’t know much about them. Now it’s time to correct that injustice and introduce you to the wonderful Colombian ladies.

What Are Colombian Women Like?

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We can talk for ages about the many advantages of Colombian girls, but it’s better when you experience them in person. However, here are the most important facts about them to get you started.

They look like supermodels

There is a reason why Colombian women have won so many prestigious beauty pageants, and that reason is their natural, striking appearance. Unlike their many Latin American counterparts, Colombian women don’t go for heavy makeup or cosmetic surgery to make themselves more attractive. Instead, they highlight their natural features, including curly hair, olive skin, bright eyes, and feminine curves, with the help of subtle makeup and gorgeous fashion style.

They know what they want and how to get it

When you first meet a Colombian girl, you can’t help but be impressed with her confidence and ambitious nature. When a Colombian woman sets her eyes on something she wants, whether it’s a new job or a boyfriend, she will definitely make it happen. A Colombian woman has no problem with approaching you first or making her feelings for you known. You can’t help but love their straightforwardness and your relationship will only benefit from it.

They are accepting and patient

A Colombian woman is not someone who will try to change her partner throughout the relationship. She understands that what she sees in you in the beginning is what she’ll get, and she is absolutely happy with it. The only thing Colombian women cannot accept or forgive is rudeness and violence, so if you have some imperfections and are worried what your Colombian girl will think, chances are she will accept them completely without question.

They take care of their men

If you’ve dated self-absorbed, narcissistic women before, you know that satisfying them can often be a chore. This is not something you should worry about with Colombian women. They understand that they need to do their best to keep their partners by their side and they are prepared to do whatever it takes. Colombian girls surround their men with love and attention, and you will never want to go back to the way you lived before.

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Do Colombian Women Make Good Wives?

There is no doubt that you will enjoy a relationship with a Colombian woman, but you will enjoy marriage to her even more. Here are three reasons why Colombian wives are so popular among Western men:

  • They are ready to change their lives for the family. For a Colombian woman, leaving work altogether and spending 100% of her time with her family is not a problem at all. In fact, she prefers it that way, although she can also work when needed.
  • They don’t oppose traditional family roles. A Colombian wife is not someone who will argue with you about cooking dinner or washing the dishes. A situation where the man makes money and the woman takes care of the house is ideal to Colombian wives.
  • They are outstanding as mothers. If you’ve wanted to start a family for some time and are looking for a suitable partner to do it with, you can’t go wrong with Colombian women. They are the warm, natural, caring mothers you’d want for your kids.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

You don’t need to be a billionaire or to have the looks of a supermodel to charm a Colombian woman. These ladies are not shallow and they look deeper than the appearance and financial status of men. Colombian girls have a list of deal breaker qualities they want to see in their potential partners, and here are three most vital ones:

  • Dependability. Your Colombian woman needs to know that she can count on you no matter what and even if things don’t go as planned, she has someone she can fully trust.
  • Maturity. Surprisingly enough, Colombian girls are not that interested in dating their peers. They prefer their men to be slightly older. A 5 to 10-year age gap is ideal.
  • Sensitivity. Colombian ladies hate the displays of toxic masculinity. They would much rather be with a man who has an emotional side and is not afraid to show it.

Where to Meet Colombian Women in Colombia?

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Colombia is one of the most fascinating countries in Latin America and there are many reasons to visit it besides meeting local women. However, being a tourist in Colombia is also a pretty effective way to meet local girls, as they love foreigners and are interested in getting to know them. Here are the top spots in Colombia for dating beautiful Colombian singles.


As the capital of Colombia, Bogota could not be missing from this list. Bogota is a melting pot of cultures. There are lots of pretty local girls to meet, but Bogota is also a top destination for women from other parts of the country who want to get a better education and better career prospects. Try the Makeout Colombia, La Provence de Andrei, and La Puerta Falsa restaurants or the Theatron, Armando Records, and El Mozo night clubs for the highest chance of a successful encounter. 


Medellin is a fascinating Colombian city. It’s not as busy and loud as Bogota, but it still has lots of attractions both for tourists and Colombians. Medellin is known for its vibrant nightlife, so the Calle 9+1, Luxury Club, and Salon Amador night clubs are a must-see. The Palazzetto D’Italia, Vegetariano Govindas, and Hatoviejo Centro restaurants are famous for their food as much as their attractive female guests.


Out of the three Colombian cities on our list, Cali is the closest one to the Pacific Ocean, which explains the chill, relaxed vibe of the city. You can meet numerous attractive Colombian singles while walking the streets of Cali and its surroundings, but the Antigua Contemporanea, Tierra Verde, and Pulcinella Cali restaurants, as well as the Salsa, La Topa Tolondra, and Tintindeo night clubs should definitely be on your list.

Where to Meet Colombian Women Online?

The internet is now as common in Colombia as it is in other parts of the world and Colombian girls actively use it to venture beyond their social circle when looking for a partner to date. However, you may not find a lot of Colombian women on your favorite dating apps and sites. You’ll need special international dating services to meet Colombian women.

Those sites are created and run with one purpose: to help men from Western countries easily find Colombian girls for dating and marriage. These dating services are easy to use, safe, and allow you to contact as many Colombian singles as possible without going all the way to Colombia.

How to Date a Colombian Girl: 7 Tips

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When dreaming of dating a foreign woman — in this case, a Colombian girl — men tend to be self-conscious and try to plan every step. However, this overplanning is rarely good for a new relationship. You can successfully date a Colombian woman with nothing but these 7 tips.

  • Be proactive and persistent. Colombian women don’t seriously consider men who are meek, indecisive, and wait for the women to make the first move. Approach women with confidence, have the courage to ask twice if she said no the first time, and your chances will skyrocket.
  • Don’t assume one or two dates will get you anything. Colombian women hate it when men automatically assume they are easy just because you are from a foreign country. Colombian girls prefer to wait until taking the relationship to the next stage and they will appreciate your patience.
  • Show off your gentlemanly qualities. This is one of the ways you can show you are very different from local guys. Colombian men are not the biggest fans of gentlemanly behavior without any ulterior motives. So you can do a lot with very little and still come out as a winner.
  • Be nice to everyone, not just her. While being together with you, your Colombian date will notice every little thing about your behavior, and not just the way you treat her, but also how you treat others. If you are rude to the waiter, argue with the taxi driver about the price, or are dismissive towards her friends, it will not improve your chances of success.
  • Volunteer to meet her family and friends. Colombian girls are very attached to their families and often live with them until getting married. They also value their friends and think they are very important in any person’s life. Actively trying to get closer to them means she will see your serious intentions and your efforts to win her over.
  • Ask how she sees your future together. As soon as you meet your Colombian lady, you can probably easily imagine life with her in five, ten, or twenty years. However, you should also make sure she sees you the same way and can imagine a future with you. After you’ve been together for some time, always talk about your idea of the future.
  • Enjoy new things and experiences. You and your Colombian woman come from completely different walks of life and backgrounds, which means there is a lot to learn. And the best way to strengthen your bond is to do something you both never did before. For example, traveling together is a great way to get to know each other better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Colombian women able to stay loyal to one man?

The passionate nature of Colombian girls makes many men wonder about their fidelity. The good news is that Colombian women do have a lot of passion to give, but they will only share it with their partner. While dating somebody seriously or being married to somebody, a Colombian woman will never even look in another’s man direction, let alone consider being unfaithful.

What if our lifestyles are completely different?

The truth is that your lifestyles are definitely going to be different, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Colombian girls are usually carefree, fun, and unselfconscious, while their partners are typically more serious, focused, and reserved. And we all know that opposites attract, and that is exactly why relationships between Colombian girls and Western men work so well.

Is it safe to travel to Colombia as a foreign man?

Some parts of Colombia can be unsafe for tourists, which is why you should always stick to your plan and never visit remote locations without researching them first. However, if you visit Colombia to meet your Colombian lady, she will surely show you the best of her country and you won’t need to worry for one second.