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Located in Central America next to Mexico, Guatemala may not be the first country you think about when remembering this part of the world. Today we won’t list the many advantages Guatemala has as a tourist destination or a place to live in. Instead, we will focus on the most attractive aspect of Guatemala — the beautiful Guatemalan singles.

What Are Guatemalan Women Like?

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Explaining the appeal of Guatemalan ladies to someone who has never met them before can be challenging because Guatemalan girls save their best features for someone special. But if you want to get just an idea of what these women have in store for you, here are some facts about Guatemalan singles.

They have a breathtaking appearance

A Guatemalan woman is much closer to the Western standard of beauty than many other Latin American girls. Women in Guatemala have olive skin, piercing dark eyes, and wavy, dark, and voluminous hair that they love to wear loose. Guatemalan ladies typically have a medium height, and their curvaceous bodies will leave you dreaming about them for ages. Guatemalan women have mastered the subtle art of makeup and can make themselves look even more gorgeous without going too far.

They are diehard romantics

Guatemalan girls are motivated by a number of things, from their family to their ambitious nature. However, nothing motivates them as much as their love for romance. A young Guatemalan woman can’t wait to fall in love and give her all to her partner. Guatemalan ladies are the type of women who will do anything to please their soulmate and never forget about the person next to them even for one second. Romantic gestures, cuddling, and frequent phone calls and texts are just some of the ways for them to express their adoration.

They are always open about their feelings

Women in Guatemala are big believers in the statement that concealing the truth will only make things more difficult in the long run. This goes both for positive and negative feelings and emotions. For example, Guatemalan girls cannot keep their cool when they are next to someone they like and they will always let that person know about their feelings. Guatemalan ladies are also completely open about their negative emotions and they prefer to discuss and resolve them right away instead of letting the disappointment build up.

Do Guatemalan Women Make Good Wives?

After you date your Guatemalan lady for some time, your desire to marry her will be perfectly natural. These women are fantastic in a romantic relationship, but they shine even more in marriage. Out of all qualities that make Guatemalan wives so desirable, we can point out these three:

  • Desire to make the marriage work. Your marriage losing its spark or feeling too mundane is not an outcome you should fear. Guatemalan wives are prepared to work to keep your marriage fresh and satisfying for everyone.
  • Cooking proficiency. In Guatemalan culture, cooking is purely a woman’s prerogative and men are rarely even let into the kitchen. Your Guatemalan wife will assume the cooking duties and the whole family will benefit from it.
  • Maternal instincts. Guatemalan wives don’t want a lot of children, but they also cannot imagine a family without one or two bundles of joy. A Guatemalan wife is the perfect person to have kids with — she’s kind, attentive, and nurturing.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

One of the reasons why Guatemalan ladies are so popular among Western men is that they accept their partners as they are and don’t approach potential relationships with a list of must-have qualities. At the same time, a Guatemalan woman does spend a lot of time imagining her future soulmate, and there are definitely a few qualities that are essential to them:

  • Strong values. Guatemalan ladies love men who have their own opinions and ideas and are not going to change them when something goes wrong or when someone tries to persuade them.
  • Calm nature. A Guatemalan woman has enough energy and passion for two, so she needs someone to be her calm and collected support system rather than an equally big personality.
  • Fidelity. Women in Guatemala can forgive and accept a lot, but the one thing they will never forgive is infidelity. When they date or marry someone, they want the relationship to be exclusive and based on loyalty and trust.

Where To Meet Guatemalan Women In Guatemala?

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Guatemala may not be as popular among Western tourists as Mexico or Peru, but it’s a fantastic place both for novice and experienced travelers. Guatemala is also a country where you can find lots of pretty and sociable women who don’t mind dating foreign guys. Here are the most popular spots in major Guatemalan cities for you to check out.

Guatemala City

As the capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City is the hottest destination for foreign tourists who want to experience Mayan history and observe the intimidating volcanoes. Guatemalan singles in this city are more Westernized and open-minded than women in other parts of the country, so your experience will be even easier. Try the Luka, Kacao, and Tikka Masala restaurants and the Las Cien Puertas, The Box, and El Establo bars, as well as the Metro and The Secret Garden night clubs after dark.

Villa Nueva

Villa Nueva is among the most populous cities in Guatemala and is especially known for its gorgeous female population. Villa Nueva may not have as many attractions as some other Guatemalan cities, but it’s an important business and industrial centre where thousands of ambitious Guatemalan women come to work. You can find them at the Pizzeria Balbino’s, La Estancia, and Lai Lai restaurants, the Donde Rudy and La Pergola bars or the Venus Z9 and Plan B night clubs.


Cobán is a small Guatemalan city that is not particularly popular with tourists, but it has a lot to offer. As a tourist in Cobán, you can admire its gorgeous nature, fabulous architecture, or explore its coffee-making industry. After that, head straight to the Kardamomuss, Casa Chevez, and Rellenas Burger restaurants, the Stone Age and La Tasca bars, or the Enigma and San Vincente night clubs to meet lovely local girls.

Where To Meet Guatemalan Women Online?

When a Guatemalan woman wants to meet a man from her own city or country, she prefers to do it through her social connections. However, if she’s interested in foreign men, this may not be an option. This is where Guatemalan singles decide to go to international dating services and search for their ideal partner online.

Online dating is a popular idea in Guatemala, and it’s even more popular among young women who have decided to marry a foreign guy and move with him abroad. These women create profiles on international dating websites and actively communicate with Western men. As a member of popular Guatemalan dating services, you can meet hundreds of beautiful Guatemalan singles who have the same values and goals in life as you.

How To Date A Guatemalan Girl: 7 Tips

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When you first get close to Guatemalan singles, you will feel like you have known them for ages. Dating a Guatemalan woman is easy and satisfying because these ladies are open about their desires and appreciate their partners. However, there is always room for improvement, and here are 7 ways to make your relationship with a Guatemalan woman perfect.

  • Accept the leading position from the start. Guatemalan girls can be assertive and decisive, but they want the man to be the leader in the relationship. She will expect you to make the first move and to set the direction of your romance, so you need to be up for the challenge.
  • Ask what her idea of a perfect date is. After dating Western women for years, your idea of a good date may be very different from your Guatemalan girlfriend’s thoughts on this subject. Guatemalan ladies prefer casual, active dates that allow both partners to get to know each other better instead of a fancy setting that feels restrictive.
  • Demonstrate your affection with gifts. In the Guatemalan dating culture, gifts are extremely important. They are an easy way to show that you care about your partner and want to make her day by surprising her with someone she’ll love. There are no particular guidelines for choosing a gift, so pick the one you think suits her personality.
  • Surprise her with your knowledge of Spanish. Guatemala is a predominantly Spanish-speaking country. You can expect your Guatemalan lady to have some knowledge of English that will get even better with time. However, you can easily impress her and show your serious intentions by learning a few phrases Spanish.
  • Talk about the important things. Romantic talk, compliments, and other lighthearted topics are essential for the early stages of the relationship, but your romance should also have substance if you want it to last. Initiate serious talks about the future of your relationship and even married life to prove that you’re in for the long run.
  • Take the time to meet her family. Even if you are staying in Guatemala for a limited time or your woman’s family lives very far away, meeting her parents at least once is a crucial step. By taking the time to do it, you will once again prove that you are serious about your Guatemalan woman and want to give her family peace of mind.
  • Set the right pace of the relationship. On average, Guatemalan ladies are ready to start a family and settle down with the right man earlier than many Western women. They don’t want to be stuck dating someone for years. That is why the proposal and the subsequent wedding should come at the right time — 6 to 12 months from the beginning of the relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How religious is a typical Guatemalan lady?

Guatemala as a whole is a pretty religious country. Around 85% of the country’s population identify as Christians and this number is nearly equally divided between Roman Catholics and Protestants. However, the younger generation of Guatemalan women is getting less and less religious. They still go to church and observe religious customs, but they don’t make their decisions or choices based on their religious views alone.

Do many Guatemalan girls want to move abroad?

Marrying foreign guys and moving abroad, preferably to the United States, is definitely a growing trend among Guatemalan singles. Guatemala is not the most economically developed or safe country in Latin America, which is why many women view marriage to a Western man as a way to improve their living conditions. However, this is far from the only reason why they are attracted to men from abroad.

Is it common for Guatemalan wives to continue working?

For most women in Guatemala, a career is not the most important thing in life. They typically begin working early, but only to support themselves and their families financially, not to achieve some career heights. When a Guatemalan girl gets married and her husband has an opportunity to become the sole provider for the family, she will gladly stay at home and spend more time with her family and around the house.