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Barbados, an island country in the Caribbean Sea, is the real paradise on Earth. Everything is perfect there: wonderful climate, marvelous nature, and amazing women. Just take a look at Rihanna, the hottest lady of Barbadian origin! Do you want to get a girlfriend who is as seductive as this world-famous star? If you do, then check out this very guide to dating Barbadian women and find out what they are like, where to meet them, and how to find a common ground with them.

What Are Barbadian Women Like?

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Barbadian Girls Are Beautiful And Bright

Women of Barbados look quite exotically. They have pretty smooth tan skin, expressive dark eyes, and amazing full lips. All these features make them very attractive to men.

Moreover, Barbadian women draw menโ€™s attention with their seductive large breasts and beckoning big buttocks. And in addition to such attractive shapes, they can boast of thin waists. Also, they are rather tall, which makes them eye-catching.

Barbadian Ladies Are Polite And Considerate

It is customary in this country to be courteous and considerate. Therefore, Barbadian women never show bad manners. This makes them pleasant to communicate with.

Barbadian Girls Are Open-Hearted And Gregarious

It is typical for ladies from this country to have a lot of friends and acquaintances. The more social connections a girl has, the happier she is. So, it doesnโ€™t take much effort to make friends with a Barbadian lady.

What Are Barbadian Wives Like?

They Are Responsible

Women from this exotic country are reliable life partners. Their husbands can always count on their wives. These ladies believe that soulmates should always be together and support each other. Therefore, they never leave their husbands when they are in need.

They Are Faithful

If a lady from this country loves her husband, she doesnโ€™t pay attention to other men. Barbadian wives never give their life partners a reason to be jealous. Being married, flirting with other men is taboo for them.

They Are Skillful Cooks

A wide variety of nourishing and tasty dishes are always available to the husbands of the wives from Barbados. These women are very good at cooking fish, chicken, and pork.

They Are Excellent at Child-Rearing

The majority of women in Barbados have 1-2 kids. As they donโ€™t have very large families, they can pay as much attention to every child as he/she needs. This helps to establish good, trusting relations between parents and kids.

Many Barbadian Wives Donโ€™t Give Up Their Careers after Getting Married

Industriousness is one of the most typical national character traits of the Barbadians. Therefore, if women from this country see good career opportunities, they donโ€™t miss them and manage to combine a family and a job.

Do Barbadian Girls Marry Foreigners?

Tourism is very developed in this country as it has a hot climate and beautiful beaches. Millions of men from the USA, Canada, and Western-European countries come to Barbados all year round to spend their vacation there.

As local ladies are very easy-going and open-hearted, romantic relationships between Barbadian women and foreign men are very common. After assessing all the advantages of these hot girls, a lot of men decide to tie the know with their exotic girlfriends. Thus, international marriages of US, Canadian, or Western European men and Barbadian girls are quite common.

Where to Meet Barbadian Girls Offline And Online?

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Offline: In Barbados

Offline acquaintance allows seeing all the features of a person at once, assessing the whole image of a lady, and establishing emotional contact with her. If you are planning your vacation, Barbados is a great choice. There, you can combine beach rest, having fun, and looking for a soulmate.

It is a pleasure to meet Barbadian women in person. They are easy to approach, polite, and amiable. You can meet Barbadian girls right at the beach where you have a rest because sunbathing, swimming, and beach sports are very popular with locals. Also, you can party together with Barbadian girls in such nightclubs as Pulse, Rehab, Future, or Red Door Lounge in Bridgetown.

Online: on International Dating Platforms

Do you want to meet Barbadian girls not going out of your home or find a girlfriend from this country in advance before you go on vacation there? It is possible thanks to international dating platforms where many Barbadian women are looking for their foreign soulmates. The sites of this kind provide a wide choice of ladies ready for acquaintances with men from abroad and professional assistance in international dating (such as gift delivery, organizing personal meetings, etc.).

4 Essential Tips on Dating a Barbadian Girl

  1. Always Be Polite

This is mandatory because bad manners are highly scorned in this country. No Barbadian lady will ever pay attention to a rude man. Thus, to be attractive to women from this country, never raise your voice, donโ€™t use swear words, and be considerate to everyone around.

  1. Show Affection And Understanding

Barbadian women are looking for true soulmates. Emotional connection is very important to them. A relationship with a lady from this country is impossible until you establish a strong emotional bond. For this, you need to treat her with love and tenderness, take interest in her opinions and feelings, and show that you understand her.

  1. Support Her Both with Words And Actions

Barbadian women believe that life partners must always support each other. To get your girlfriend into a serious relationship, you should show her that she can rely on you. For this, comfort her when she is sad and help her whenever she is in need.

  1. Donโ€™t Get Ahead

If a Barbadian woman suspects that a man is interested only in getting her into bed, she is most likely to turn him down. Not to give a lady a reason to think that your main goal is to hook up with her, do not initiate discussing intimate topics and do not give her sexual hints at an early stage of your relationship. Let things develop naturally. Establish an emotional connection first, and only then, when the lady is ready for this, move on to physical love.


Is There a Language Barrier between Western Men and Barbadian Women?

There is the Bajan language in this country, which is native to the Barbadians. But all of them also speak English. So, a language barrier will not prevent you from dating Barbadian women.

The only interesting peculiarity of the dialect common for this country is that the Barbadians never use past tenses. They use the Present Simple Tense to talk about past actions.

Are Barbadian Women Gold Diggers?

Barbados is not a very poor region. This country has a rather developed economy with a lot of job opportunities, including those available to women. The majority of Barbadian girls have their own income.

So, money is not the most essential parameter Barbadian women consider while choosing their life partners. They appreciate love, affection, and common interests more than the financial status of a man.

How Many Kids Do Barbadian Women Usually Have?

The fertility rate in this country is 1.6. This means that Barbadian women often have 2 kids. A lot of them also have only 1 child. Large families with 3 or more kids are not typical for Barbadian ladies.